Why Is There Static In My Headphones?

by Sonia C. Gean
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static in my headphones

Do you like listening to music via headphones while jogging or working out? Who doesn’t, right! Music soothes our soul. Its the perfect combo on a cold winter day to warm your heart.

Well, ever felt a small shock from the headphones while listening to your favorite songs. You may have checked for loose wirings, still received no explanations for the static.

Stay calm! Your earbuds are not trying to wipe out your memory. The slight shock is a rare scenario that may arise. It is just the static electricity that is being built up in the headphones. The first time you feel it, the shock can be slightly annoying. No need to worry! The small static won’t deafen you or cause damage to your eardrums.

A few aspects that could be the reasons for the static in your headphone are mentioned below. Let’s have a look.


  • An earbud static may happen when the cord is rubbed against your clothes. Synthetic fibers like nylon get charged easily because of static electricity. This results in a small charge in the earphone. This charge builds up over time and results in a slight static in the ear, causing shock.
  • Environmental factors also have a role in creating static shock in earbuds. Dry and low humidity climates are favorable for static charges to build up in your earbuds.
  • Remain cautious during windy days. High windy conditions can result in a buildup of static electricity in your headphones.
  • Jogging or working out with the gadget in your pocket can cause friction. This can result in a slight static in your earbuds.
  • Any dirt or particles in the earbuds can also cause friction. This results in static charges building up in the headphones. For instance: One thing I’ve noticed is that every time I’ve got a shock, the earbuds have been dirty. I clean the crud off of it and then it’s absolutely fine.

Tzumi Bluetooth headphones

How do we steer our way out through this issue?  Is it possible to listen to our favorite playlist without a twitch? Here are some things that can be done to avoid headphones shocks. Read on to find out:

  • While running or jogging, touch a metallic piece to keep yourself grounded. Purchasing an anti-static, metallic strap wrist watch is a great choice. Wearing it during morning workouts, will enable you to stay away from static charges.
  • Most of the thread mills are equipped with a metallic sensor. This sensor is used to determine the heart rate of a person. Tap that metallic sensor while using the thread mill. It helps to evade the static charges in your headphone.
  • Wear clothes made of natural fibers during work outs. Synthetic fibers are prone to build up charges, resulting in quick static in the earbuds.
  • Planning to go for a run on a windy day? Or having a fan facing you while working out? To reduce static in the headphone due to winds, keep your gadget in an armband.
  • During dry climates, keep the humidity of the room at normal levels using a humidifier.
  • Headsets made of the metallic body are more prone to cause static electricity. Fully plastic headphones are less likely to collect static charges.
  • Applying anti-static spray is another solution. Using it on the furniture, workout gear and clothes will reduce the shock in headphones.


We could also resort to solving the technical issues that may cause static. There are various solutions that you can try to solve the matter yourself. It may take only a few minutes to handle it. Why not give it a try!

  • Verify that the headphones are in good condition:

Plug the headphones to other devices that function well. Check if you still experience the static through your headphones. If the problem persists, get a brand new headphone without delay. You can also try adjusting the cord a bit and see if it works fine.


  • Check the sound card:

Examine the sound card on the PC. Ensure that the card is plugged into the correct port. Clean the dust particles accumulated around the sound card. However, if you are using a cheap sound card on your device, it may produce static. Hence, install or change to a good sound card.

Hope you got an idea about the reasons and methods to handle static charges in your headphones. Follow the points discussed above. Enjoy your favorite tunes using headphones, without worrying about getting shocks.

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