Why Are My Headphones Beeping – Important Reasons

by Sonia C. Gean
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Why are my headphones beeping

The very reasons why you may want to use headphones are to reject noise from the external environment and have some effective hearing of the audio from your laptop or your smartphones.

If you have been experiencing beeping noise coming out of your headphone then you have landed the right page to identify the problem and get some solution as well.


  • Electronic devices are usually sensitive to other electronic devices that are nearby. Getting closer to other devices such as cordless phones, smartphones or even microwave could be the problem of the buzz in the headset. Try to move to away from the devices. So, that they are not closer anymore which will resolve the issue most of the times.
  • The problem could also be due to a repair in the audio jack. By the term Audio Jack, I mean the port which is used for plugging in your headphone. There may be some dust accumulated which might be the issue. Try cleaning it with compressed air and check your headphones again. If the issue is still not resolved, try a different pair of headphone. However, if the noise level continues then it is high time that you change the Audio Jack of your PC or smartphone which will stop the buzzing noise.
  • Sometimes the problem may be with the change in Settings. When the updates happen, be it your smartphone or your PC, there are chances the drivers are faulty. In that case, changing the Settings to its earlier version might help. Reset your settings.
  • Identifying whether the problem is in the headphone itself, will help. Try to just give a gentle shake to your headset and plug it in again. If the noise persists try your headset in another system or smartphone. If you still experience the noise, it’s time that you change your headphones. (https://smallbusiness.chron.com/buzzing-iphone-ear-speakers-79776.html)
  • The problem may occur due to some very simple problems which can be rectified with a few steps. First, try to reconnect to headphone to your device again and again by disconnecting for a few times. There may be some compatibility issue which will get resolved by following this step.
  • Adjusting the volume levels many times can also become the solution at times. Open the settings of the Audio icon and set the volume to the maximum. Try repeating this step and there are chances that the buzzing is reduced.
  • When you are using a headphone for your device make sure that you remove all the enclosures attached to it. The buzzing noise could be because of the block created by the enclosures.
  • While you are testing with your headphones, do not just ignore the possibility of your device creating the problem. After all it is the device that is giving you the trouble and not the headphone. Try out various settings and changes to get a solution.
  • You may know where actually the problem lies until you are ready to fix it yourself. You will be surprised to know that Speakerphone Toggle could be one of the ways to make your headphones work properly. How do we do it? Try making a call. Probably a call that won’t be answered by any people. Meaning to say that you can try calling a number where there is an automated response. Call the number and turn on the speaker. When the call is in the progress, switch on the call to your headset and you will be definitely surprised to see the trick work.
  • At times low battery levels could be the cause and they are resistant to working under conditions that are weak. Make sure that your phone is always charged and ready for the effective functioning of the devices and the accessories as well.
  • If you are connected to your device via Bluetooth then ensure that the pairing is done. Sometimes the pairing gets altered or lost. Pair it again. Also make sure that your device and your Bluetooth headset are within the specified range.

These are some sure shots that you can try to eliminate the buzzing noise from your headphone. If these do not work then it’s time that you take your device and your headphone to an authorized person to get it resolved.

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