Why Are Headphones So Expensive – The Evolution of Music

by Sonia C. Gean
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History of Headphones

Music has evolved with time. Even the medium through which people listen to music has gone through dramatic changes with the passage of time.

In this tech era, headphones have created a special place in the life of a music lover. From gramophone to stereos and now to Bluetooth connected music systems, the medium through which people enjoy music has evolved.

In earlier days, back in the ’80s, headphones had nothing to do with the music.  It was used only by telephone operators. It was an earpiece that weighed quite heavy and rested on the shoulder of the user.  It was solely used for communication purpose.

Later in 1895, people began to use headphones to listen to music. The headphone of that era resembled a stethoscope. The popularity of headphones gained momentum over the last 80 years.

Professional musicians started purchasing headphones and were only used for indoor purpose. They were quite expensive and it was not affordable by all.  Once the cassette and portable music player was invented, headphones became a common household name. Even though the quality was not great initially, people still prefer to own one.

The headphones became portable and lightweight. As the quality was not so great, the headphones were available at a cheap rate.  As the price was cheap, the sale of headphone increased profoundly.

Later on, MP3 player was invented which actually accelerated the growth of usage of headphones to listen to music. Slowly, it became a necessary accessory. With the advent of smartphones and TVs with Bluetooth facility, the demand for headphones grew rapidly. Wireless headphones came with many advantages.

People found it quite easy to use while traveling, working out and so on.  The demand for unique feature too increased which resulted in the introduction of headphones with a heavy price tag. The headphones have evolved over a period of time and each year something new would be introduced. Below mentioned are the reasons why the headphones are quite expensive now.


Reasons as to headphones are expensive

Quality of sound- The most important reason for headphones being expensive is that the quality of sound is much better compared to others. The music experienced is crisper and clearer. The bass does not sound muddy and the high notes won’t be harsh. When you close your eyes and listen to music, you feel that you are attending a live musical concert. You will be able to hear each individual instrument playing which combines to create a masterpiece without sounding muddled.

Durability- The expensive headphones are made of sturdy, solid material which makes it last longer. Once you invest in a good expensive headphone, you don’t have to think of buying a new one in the near future.

Bluetooth connectivity- These headphones enable Bluetooth connectivity which lets you connect to any device you wish. You can connect it to your TV, laptop or phone which has Bluetooth feature. Wireless audio is a great feature that comes with these headphones. You can move around freely without the hassle of getting the wires tangled. You don’t have to waste time trying to untangle the cords after you put it in the bag. It is apt for listening to music while you are in the gym or on the go.

Noise cancellation– The noise cancellation feature will block out all the background noise and sound so that you can hear only the sound of music. It helps in unwinding your mind as you will not get disturbed by any outside noise. It is a much-needed accessory in today’s stressed filled life wherein you are surrounded by people all the time.

Sweat or water resistance- These high-quality expensive headphones do not get easily damaged by sweat or water. You can use it while going for a jog or does not have to worry if you happen to get wet in the rain on your way back.


It is quite obvious that if you plan to buy a headphone with varied features and of high quality you need to be prepared to shell out a good amount of money. However, do take care while you purchase a new one as you should get duped by duplicate products. Also, not necessarily expensive phones mean a better device. Conduct proper research and arrive at a decision on which product to buy.

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