What To Do With Old Headphones?

by Sonia C. Gean
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What to do with old headphones

Lately, I have noticed more than a few headphones at home and this is one commodity which is always in excess.

Let me admit that headphones are one thing that is underused and overused as well. Most of the times it gets crumbled in your bags or it gets trampled in your feet while you leave them haphazard.

With a lot of emphasis on recycling and DE-cluttering, I was genuinely looking for ideas of what could be done with the old headphones.

If you are looking for ideas of ways to reuse or discard these old headphones here are some beneficial method, this might be a good place to start.

Old Headphones

  • Trying to resell the product in an online store like eBay will really help. What might be of no use to you might be helpful to someone. Instead of throwing it into the trashcan why not make some money out of it, even if it is meager. (Make sure that it is in a working condition)
  • One more way to discard your old headphone is to give to the recycling program that may be available in your city. If you don’t have any such facility, don’t worry at all. You can sell it to some companies like JLab or Thinksound (https://recyclenation.com/2014/09/recycle-headphones/), which sell products like earphones, Bluetooth speakers and so on. You would only have to fill an online application to send it for recycling. A certain amount of discount would be provided by the company to you on your next purchase from them.
  • If you really have a nice pair of headphones that you do want to part with, you definitely have a chance of giving a new twist to make them look new. I found this information from a website called https://www.instructables.com (https://www.instructables.com/id/Breathe-New-Life-Into-Old-Headphones/), which really helped me in restoring my headphone that I did not want to miss. The ear cups may be replaced with new and comfortable pads.
  • I also believe in using a separate item for each task. This way you make sure that you do not run out of things. This happens with headphones or even your mouse. I have one old headphone of mine which I specifically use at home and one which I carry with me to my office. This way I’m sure that I do not forget it either at home or at my workplace.
  • You could also give it to your kid to whom this is definitely something exciting.
  • One of my friends spent a good amount of money for a headphone, I would like to add the fact that he’s an audiophile. Since he did not want to just throw it away, he decided to add an adapter. Though it is pretty much agreed that it might not look very exciting, it is definitely worth trying. Changing you dangling wires into Bluetooth speaker is also a possible option. With the help of some Bluetooth adapters you can really change your old headphone into wireless speakers. Moreover the good news is that when you use Bluetooth adapters sound quality is much better than your headsets.
  • Though I may sound like an evangelist, why not donate it to a person, who’d really love to have a pretty decent headset. End of the day it gives happiness to you as well the person who receives it.
  • You can also unleash your creativity and create a stunning piece of jewelry. There are many DIYs available and I have used the headset wire to create a bracelet of my own with a pretty decent look. Earrings or even rings are some other accessories that could be created from an old headphone.
  • Moreover it is stronger than the ones that I would buy in the market. This is just one idea. With a little more originality you would be able to turn out headphone into an amazing work of art and contribute to the society by stopping e-waste. It also reduces some of your dollars being spent on accessories.

So, it only requires a mindset and you have already chosen to take an extra step to find out what could be done with your old stuff. With this great start you will end up with something amazing turnout.

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