Microsoft’s Virtual Headphone ( A Must Read)

by Sonia C. Gean
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Microsoft's Virtual Headphone

The techno-giant Microsoft is working on another technology that could change the electronic sound as we know it. No, I’m not talking about the Zune or anything Vista-related, but the virtual headphone.
What is virtual headphones? Unfortunately, it only exists in an algorithm stage. For those of you who do not know what that means, here’s a little Computer Science 101: an algorithm is a problem that computer programming is supposed to solve. In other words, this virtual headphone might work.

Oh, wait, I still didn’t answer the question about what a virtual headphone is. They design the Virtual headphone to adjust the timing of sound waves so that it creates a focused beam of sound that can only be heard in a specific place.

This is one of those inventions that have all sorts of applications. It is unknown how long the tech giant Microsoft has been working on this virtual headphone, but it may have been a by-product of their new move into the VoIP handset market. Those who have Skype and other such applications would probably appreciate talking to someone without the use of a handset or Bluetooth headset. The virtual headphone would produce a sound that would be projected directly into their ears, which would really make them look like they are off their meds.

Of course, I can think of a terrific business application for virtual headphones. This means that you can be sitting in your office with virtual headphones, listening to music, and your boss will be none the wiser! Unless, of course, he sits in your chair and finds the specific “sweet spot,” then he’ll discover why it is you act like you are singing along to music without any headphones.

Another application is car stereos. Do you know how people complain that those “boom cars” fill a neighborhood with noise pollution? Well, virtual headphones would put the sound where it needs to go: in the car. This means no more nasty sound by-products while you’re waiting for a red light to change.

So what Microsoft has here is essentially a terrific electronic ventriloquist. Can you imagine the sick fun you’ll have to fool your friends as they literally hear a voice that no one else can hear? Of course, that is the dark side of this technology. The plus side is no overbearing things in your ears.

Let’s hope Microsoft perfects this virtual headphones tech. When they do, it will be all over the place. Think about how fast those wireless headsets made it to the market. Microsoft, if you’re listening, you’re sitting on a real moneymaker here, develop the virtual headphone quick before someone else will get rich of it!

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