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You will see our integration ICONS used against our products. They are there to help you identify the wireless speakers core purpose.

Cowin music icon image


You will see this ICON on all of our products, as they are all designed to play music.

Cowin movie icon


When you see this ICON on a Cowin speaker it means it is a great addition for your wireless home audio/theatre sound requirements. A Cowin speaker with this ICON will usually divide into 2 or more pieces to provide a wireless speaker for TV (sound bar), and separate subwoofer, giving you the best Bluetooth speaker surround sound experience

Cowin gaming icon


Any games console, laptop, tablet, phone or computer can always do with a sound level boost. Cowin wireless speakers that carry this ICON are fantastic companions for your gaming on any of these gadgets, delivering a great game sound expansion experience. You may require a Bluetooth dongle or Bluetooth adaptor for this to be possible should your gadget not be Bluetooth.

Cowin Cruze image


If you see this on one of our speakers then it is designed be your wireless home audio speaker that can also travel with you. You can play these wireless speakers inside or outside, at home or in the park. The world is your venue!