how to wear over-ear headphones properly

by Sonia C. Gean
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How to Wear Over Ear Headphones

I am sure that headphones are not just a matter of convenience for many of us. At least for people like me, who find it often uncomfortable.

Anything can be worked upon with some amount of homework and it holds the same for earphones too. With a few tried and tested methods I would suggest these ways to make your headphones stay properly in your ears that you don’t have to worry about it.

Before trying out the methods of wearing over earphones in the right way let me tell you that there are certain advantages to it though they are bulky.

One great benefit which has worked out well for me is that the sound quality is simply great compared to the in-ear headphones. Moreover, when you have to travel in public places it cuts unnecessary noise from the external environment.

When buying your over-ear headphones make sure that the ear padding is made of good material so that they do not get hot when you tend to use it for a longer period of time.

Trying out the product physically in stores instead of shopping online would be a great suggestion as you will come to know of the comfort and discomfort you would face which cannot be done on a trial and error method in online shopping.

noise canceling headphones

It is undeniable that music sounds great with a headphone that is of good quality than when you listen to it by turning on the speaker. Identifying what is the problem with your headphone is one of the sure ways to rectify it. If your earphone keeps falling often then this method is sure to help you.

  • Find out the markings on the ear cups ‘L’ and ‘R’ which stands for Left and Right respectively. Many of the over ear headphones come with these markings. Adjust the band and to fit in snugly so that you do not experience any discomfort. Moreover most of the over ear headphones come with adjustable band that you can make use of. Placing them by covering your ears completely gives you amazing sound quality because it blocks the external sound. If you wear jewels on your ear try removing it so that you do not face any distress. When buying a headphone make sure that it comes with an extension facility so that in case you have to extend the length of it, it gets done easily.
  • As the next step place the headband right in the middle of your head and then the cups on your ears. Then it is time to adjust the size according to your comfort or the size of your head and so on. (
  • When you wear glasses then there are problems here too. You tend to have aches because of the pressure given by the headphones. This problem could be faced because you are wearing glasses. It can be resolved by choosing a frame that is thinner so that there is less force when you have your headphones on.
  • The clamping force, that is, the amount of pressure applied on the surface of your ear is another issue that you might be facing when you are using over ear headphones. This can be reduced by trying to expand the width of the earphones. Say for example try to place a few books together or the desired width you would like to have for comfortably wearing your headphones. Place the ear cups of your phones on either side of the books so that they expand gradually. Once you are done with this then your earphones are fitted properly in your ears with no trouble at all.

When compared to the in-ear models, the over-ear headphones are the best choice. The comfort that they offer is incomparable and your ears would definitely thank you for having chosen such a product.

Another great advantage is that there is less number of chances of what you hear leaks out. The noise does not get out easily making your private space better. For an unbeatable quality of music and for the comfort of your ears the over ear headphones are the best. Moreover it fits in snugly on your ears.

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