5 Ways On How To Untangle Headphones

by Sonia C. Gean
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how to untangle headphones

In today’s world, where technology has become a part of our life, you are depended on the various technical device on your day to day life. The most commonly used accessory is a headphone. Headphone or earphone is a hardware device that allows you to watch a movie or listen to music without disturbing the people around you.

If you have the habit of carrying your headphones wherever you go, then at one point of time or other you would have definitely found a tangled headphone in your bag.

If you ignore the tangled cords of your headphone, it will damage the internal wiring. You need to ensure that you always coil the cords properly so that it does not get tangled and damage the wires.

I know it is quite frustrating to reach for the headphone and finding it tangled especially when you are pressed for time to take a call.  However, you should not panic or try to untangle them in a hurry. You will end up making matters worse. Follow the below mentioned ways to loosen the wires that are tangled without any hassle.

Method 1

First unplug the headset from the device. It will help you to freely move the cord.  Try to loosen the ends by working from bottom up. Find the closest tangle from the loose end and pull the outside wire to loosen it.  Now move on to the next knot and slowly pull out the outside wire. Continue the process until all the knots are untied. You need to be quiet patient while pulling out the cord or else you might tear the cord and stretch out the cable.

Method 2

In order to loosen the tangle, use a pen or pencil; Pen can be used as a lever to loosen the tangle. Keep the pen underneath the knot’s edge. Slowly pull up the pen and you could see that the knot is slowly getting loosened. Use your fingers to pull out the loosened wire.  Hold on to the pen or pencil till the entire knot is taken off.

Method 3

For this method you need to spread the tangled wires on a surface that is flat.  It will help you to know where exactly the cord is tangled. Pull out the loose end through the tangle like you sew a cloth. Keep pulling out the loose end through the tangle till it is completely free of tangle. This might take a little bit more time but are quite effective when you have to untangle a complex knot.

Method 4

The easiest way to untangle a headphone is to wrap the wires using one of the binder clips. The binder clips will help in holding the wires in its place so that it prevents them from getting tangled once you put in the bag. Firmly clip it near the earpiece and wrap the cord around the metal arms.

Method 5

Another easy way to untangle the wires is by initially wrapping the cord securely while you store it.  You should grab hold of both the end and go on to wrap the headphones around the four fingers. You should stop wrapping it once there is only three inches left. Slowly pull it out of the hand and ensure that wrapping does not fall apart. Wrap the rest of the chord towards the middle of the set and tuck the end into the wrapped part. Secure it tightly.  It is best that you store the wrapped headphones in a small container or jar. You can easily untangle them by pulling out the loose end. You should never have to worry about a tangled headphone ever again.

You need to keep in mind that you don’t just leave the headphones in your bag without storing it properly as it will end up getting tangled.  You could buy a headphone storing case from the shops to protect it from any kind of damage while not in use. Or else, you could use an old mint case to store the cables. If you wrap the cords securely and store in the case, you could easily untangle them whenever you wish to use them.

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