Tips On How To Keep Earbuds From Breaking

by Sonia C. Gean
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how to keep earbuds from breaking

I could not believe that I was buying earbuds almost every month!

At this rate, I was sure that not only would I be spending a chunk of my money on them but also end up trashing so many of them. It is so easy to trash something, an earbud here and a cord there, but do we even for a minute realize where all the e-waste that we trash so often ends up?

A few days ago, I was traveling back home from work in the tube when I realized that my destination was approaching. I was listening to music and unmindfully got up tugging one of the cords of my earbuds so hard that it literally gave away.

Now this was something that I could have avoided, right!

So, I went back home, half dejected and half anxious and of course not able to listen to music. Music is therapeutic to me and I have to listen to relax my nerves, especially after a hard day at work.

I am sure many of us have landed like this. It’s okay once in a while but breaking earbuds often and trashing them can freak out the environmentalist in me too.

Here is a list of things that I keep in mind to make sure my earbuds stay in perfect shape. You can try these out. They are simple tricks albeit once you are through this; I can bet you that your life would have changed for the better.

headphone wires from breaking

Let’s get started then!

  • Pull the connector, not the cord. However tired you are, make sure that you hold the connector and gently unplug it from your audio source. Putting any extra force on the connector may not only damage the pin of your earbuds but can also potentially damage the audio drive. Having said this, it is pertinent that you do not pull on the cords to disconnect at all; in whatever hurries that you be in.


  • Do not use sharp force. Yanking the wire instead can mean that you end up with a big drawer full of earbuds to the trash at the end of each year and believe that it is not the best of feelings to have. There is so much more fun you could have with all the money that you will save on all those earbuds.



  • Have a proper place to store your earbuds. It may take a little while for you to form a habit but trust me that you will thank yourself that you decided each day to stow away your earbuds in its place right after you used them. Keeping them back in the place that you created for them can also mean that you do not waste too much time searching them the next time that you want to use them.


For instance, it is so tempting to pull the earbuds off your ears and throw the phone still connected with it on the sofa or your bed. Yes, we have all been there. But imagine if you unmindfully sat on them?


Always try to disconnect the cable and roll in keep it in a drawer or at least on the desk so that mishaps do not occur.


  • Use a case if you forget to store them in a safer place. Owning a case may gently put you in a habit of storing them away once you think that you are done with them.


  • Equally important is that you use the correct length of the cable. A very short cable will put a lot of pressure on the connector besides making you feel inconvenienced. On the other hand, a very long cable is a disaster waiting to happen!


  • No! Your earbuds are not waterproof! So, splashing water on your face with them on or pushing your friend off the floor into the pool with them on will mean that you get enough eye rolls from him when he recovers from the shock. You may even have to gift them a new earbud to make up between the two of you!


  • A quick survey of my close buddies indicates that chums who keep their earphones in their pockets have a high chance of replacing them more often than those that pack it in their backpack. Accidentally stowing them in the back pockets and invariably sitting on them is the most common observation.


  • Do not wind the wires around the device tightly or let them dangle for too long. When you tighten the cables around your devices, the intricate wiring inside the cables can be frayed leaving you with an earbud with compromised sound quality. Dangling them over the device or your shoulders can also mean that there is a lot of pressure at some points which will eventually shorten its life.


Actually, I found these tips helpful. Simply look out for these red flags and watch how you increase the lifetime of your earbuds. Don’t forget to tell me how well you did!

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