7 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Static Noise In Headphones

by Sonia C. Gean
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how to get rid of static noise in headphones

I stick on to my computer for many hours like most of the tech-savvy crowd. Since I work from my home, on most days, I am a staunch user of headphones.

The first thing is it helps me not to disturb the other family members with my call conversations.

The second reason is it helps in keeping my focus on my job. So like every other computer accessory I offer equal care to headphones. My headphones never trouble me with static noise. If you are surprised, read on to know the 7 ways I use to get rid of them:

  1. Check the wires: Sometimes our accidental movements might result in the loosening of wires. My simple logic to stop the static noise immediately is to check the wires of headphone connected to PC and tighten them immediately. Corrosion in wires can cause static noise. So, check for that too.
  2. Alternative audio jacks: In the PC there would be multiple audio jacks. I would try removing the headphone wire from the one that I am using right now to an alternative one. You can use the rear or speaker jack. This is a temporary solution and can be used during important/emergency calls where you cannot miss out even a second.
  3. Speakers: If you are using a speaker, check whether the speaker is free from static noise. Quality of sound greatly depends on speaker quality.
  4. Upgradation of headphones: The listening experience depends on the quality of media recording. In my experience, I find that my latest-technology headphones cope up well even while playing old recordings. That is why I suggest that you always use upgraded headphones to avoid static noise. Next time when you hear static noise, the source might be your worn-out old headphones.
  5. Cleaning: I use earbuds to clean the audio jacks of my PC. I find that this helps in reduced noise disturbances. Isopropyl alcohol can be used for cleaning. You have to just dip the cotton swap in it and do the cleaning process. Ensure that you shut down the PC and unplug its cords from the power supply before you start the cleaning process. Most people ignore this advice. Cleaning the audio jacks without disconnecting the power chords would prove to be risky.
  6. Sound card: I bought a sound card without analyzing the motherboard features of my PC. I found that it created a lot of noise as it did not fit the PCI express slots of the motherboard. I made some modifications to get rid of static noise. Before starting the job, I shut down the PC and removed the power chords. Then slowly removed the screws of the sound card frame. Now I opened the motherboard slot and gently pushed the card. I rechecked whether it was firmly fixed. Finally, I closed the PC’s case. When I attached the accessories and cables properly, I found that my headphones worked without static noise.
  7. Headphones audio jack connections: When I visited a friend once, he complained of frequent static noise issue in his headphones.I checked the desktop and shut down the system after removing the cables. I used a screwdriver to remove the side panel case. With good difficulty, I could locate the inside end of the headphone input. This is because his desktop model did not have direct access to the headphone input.I had to slightly remove its hard drive to touch the input. I gently soldered the tip of the headphone input jack. The tricky portion is that the soldering is to be done only till a small bead forms on the edge.This has to be repeated for the other connection point too. I had to ensure that the two beads did not join together. Now that the audio jack was properly soldered, the connection was perfect.

    The static noise immediately disappeared. The main source of trouble, in this case, was a cracked audio-jack which resulted in the noise. Now that the problem was solved, the listening experience was disturbance-free.


When you take care of all the above 7 aspects, your listening experience will be static-noise free even when the recordings are of medium quality.


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