Ways On How To Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works

by Sonia C. Gean
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fix Bluetooth earbuds when only one side works

My experience with earbuds had been most irritating when I find one side does not work. It surely spoils the fun of music-especially while hearing beat songs.

On one day when I was listening to a live session for which I had paid a huge amount, I lost part of important information because of this issue.

Then I found out the below techniques to fix the issue:


  1. If you can just switch off and switch on both sides of the earbuds, you might resolve the issue. Kindly wait till the speaker/PC confirms that you are connected. In a few models, when the right and left sides get connected, the earbuds itself confirm with a small beep. If you want to check the speaker of the earbud ensure that you remove the batteries from the earbuds as the first safety step.The next step is to remove the foam pads of the speakers. Ensure that you do not misplace them. The next task would be to carefully remove the screws with the help of a screwdriver. Find out the end of the aux cable which has the jack. Now take the other end and slice it gently. Finally, you can try twisting the cable tightly on the speaker. This will solve the issue of speaker malfunctioning due to internal loose connections.
  2. Check whether the issue is in the source of the audio or the earbuds. When the audio recording is an older one it may not be always compatible to be heard on the latest earbud. The disruptions might look as though one side of the earbud is not functioning. Hence, check the quality of the audio source.
  3. One day when I used it in a friend’s PC, I found that this issue surged again. However, it struck to me that I should check the side balancing setting. The settings were done as ‘left only’. When I reset it correctly, I could find right side earbud too started functioning. While hearing music, we might forget that mono tracks play only on one side of the earbud. When you forget this, you might constantly check the hardware or device settings. It would be of no use.
  4. While driving I have experienced that restarting the Bluetooth fixes this issue in a simple manner.
  5. Pull out and replug the earbud into the audio jack. Any loosely connected jack might result in only one side of the earbud working. When you pull out and firmly insert the earbud into the audio, any loose connections which might be unnoticed would be fixed automatically.
  6. Cleaning the audio jack might help in eliminating dirt which dampens the connectivity. Always ensure that you have to switch off the devices before cleaning the audio jack. You can use a cotton swab to clean the audio jack gently.
  7. My latest model headphone has to be plugged into an aux cable jack. This jack has minute structures like a metal ball with springs. At one time when only one earbud was functioning, I closely looked at the aux cable jack.One of these tiny metal balls were jammed in a halfway position. This jammed position will disrupt the functioning of one earbud. I patiently tried to refix the ball by pushing the cable plug in multiple angles. At last, at one angle it automatically got released from the jammed position. Now both of my earbuds were functioning properly.
  8. Check the socket board that is connected to the small electrical circuit board. Check the wirings inside the socket board. You can easily find out loose connections in the socket board. When earbuds are not functioning, issues may not always be with the earbuds. It might be with the socket board too.Try to gently feel the wire for loose connections. Also, check whether the audio jack is fixed properly on the socket board. Anything wrong in this part might require soldering. Hence, take expert help if you are not sure about the soldering procedure. If you have soldering equipment it is a simple process. When the audio jack is properly soldered and fixed on the socket board, your earbuds would work properly.

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