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You can pair to our Bluetooth wireless speakers with a smartphone, tablet, notebook, computer or laptop. Near Field Communication (NFC) Blue tooth technology, means connecting can be as easy as touching the wireless speaker with a phone or media device.
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As the original innovator of vibration Bluetooth speakers, Cowin has helped millions of people to enjoy their music wirelessly and in good sound quality. Cowin is now one of the worlds leading Bluetooth sound system innovators.
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Our technology

From our unique Lightning vibration mode through to 360 degree Omni-directional wireless sound system and Magnatec technology, we are at the forefront of new wireless speaker technology. Our 130 Patents are a testament to our relentless mission to keep innovating.
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We can connect and surround you in sound for all the audio in your life using our 4 dedicated wireless sound modes - MUSIC > MOVIES > GAMING - CRUZE. Look out for our sound icons to help you understand what the best speakers for your home, office or venue is.
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