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What is Bluetooth?

It is a short range (10 meters) wireless connection between devices that need to communicate. A Bluetooth gadget or device will have built in antennas (Bluetooth transmitters and receivers) so they can simultaneously send and receive wireless signals to other Bluetooth gadgets, like Cowin Bluetooth sound systems. Bluetooth adapters or Bluetooth dongles can bring Blue tooth to a device that is not equipped with it.

Bluetooth transmitter work?

Bluetooth works on the radio wave 2.4GHz, it can send or receive signals and data across 79 different frequencies within its 2.4GHz operating spectrum. Bluetooth transmitting uses virtually no power to communicate, as it only operates in short range of 10 meters. Wireless Bluetooth speakers, devices or gadgets are able to automatically connect and pair to each other, and up to 8 of them can communicate at any given time. This is possible as there are 79 channels available, so each device can pick its own clean channel to operate on. To remove any chance of interference from other wireless technologies, or appliances like WIFI routers, the paired Bluetooth devices switch between the 79 available channels thousands of times a second, delivering a totally seamless and uninterrupted wireless speakers experience for you.

Why Bluetooth speakers?

Because it is perfect for shifting music and sound as it uses low power and auto-connects, this is great as it prolongs the battery use you get from a single charge on both wireless speakers and connected gadget or device, whilst making for a painless and easy to use experience.