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Decreasing Airplane Noise on Long Haul Flights

Posted by Lydia Balment on

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Airplane White Noise is Affecting Passengers Sleep

Long Haul Flights

The demand for travel is continually on the up meaning more and more people are flying, especially on long haul flights. Everyone wants to travel to the other side of the world, whether that is a job necessity or a ‘holiday essential’, the amount of people going abroad is at a total high.

With astonishing flight hours of 22 hours UK to Australia and 7.6 hours UK to USA, some overnight flights, there is a need to be able to sleep and relax on the journey.

Airplane White Noise

Flying can be extremely stressful due to fear of flying, screaming children or sitting in a confined space for a long period of time. People want to be able to find way to relax and even sleep during their flight, especially if they will be flying for 5 hours or more.

However, this desire for relaxation and sleep is often jeopardised from constant noise inflight. There are numerous sounds and irritating noises that can affect passengers during their travels. One of these is aircraft noise, noise pollution and white noise produced by the physical aircraft during certain phases of a flight. Aircraft noise, such as wind and engine noise, can create stress and anathema to sleep and therefore affects your capability to sleep on a long haul flight.

However, one of the main (and somewhat most frustrating) causes of noise is other passengers. With the number of passengers ranging from 189-366 people it is nearly impossible for everyone to be quiet at once. This constant increase and variation of noise affects stress levels and fatigue which again affects passengers, especially during these long haul journeys.

Reducing Background Noise

There are numerous ways and techniques to decrease airplane white noise and background noise. Many argue where you are sat can improve the noise levels you will experience. However, this option is often unreliable as you cannot always choose your specific seat.

Another option is Noise Cancelling Headphones. The headphones decrease ambient noise and allow users to have a significant reduction in background noise. This helps passengers to sleep, relax and decrease their overall stress levels.

Another tip from experts is listening to classical music, which has proven benefits for sleep. Classical music is used to conduct sleep therapy and a great sleeping aid, improved further by using noise cancelling headphones.

The Best Solution

Cowin’s E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are proven to reduce background noise to provide an amazing headfi experience and increase everyone's on the go potential. With the new updates on the E7s installed from May 2017, you can activate Noise Cancelling in a bluetooth setting and through aux cable - perfect for inflight listening. You can receive 25% off Cowin’s E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with this discount code, UpInAir25 and receive your discount. Discount Code runs out 25/09/17. Click here for more details.