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What is A2DP Bluetooth?

What is Bluetooth A2DP?It is an advanced Bluetooth Audio Distribution Profile that means you can wirelessly connect 2 separate devices for the transmission of stereo audio from a Bluetooth source, like a phone or MP3 Player to a Bluetooth receiver like one of our Bluetooth Speakers.WHAT

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Tunein Radio

TuneIn Radiohas a well designed interface that makes it very easy to listen to streaming radio wherever you are. It offers in excess of 50,000 stations and 120,000 shows from around the world. Using your phones GPS location it can even serve you up stations from your local area.When you launch the Tunein app it [...]

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Spotify overview

Spotify is known as the first player in the music streaming sector. Most people say it is the best.Spotify has a staggering 20 million songs available to listen to. They create very good playlists which are easily searchable, Actually the search interface in Spotify is the best I have used in any music streaming app.I [...]

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