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Can Noise Cancelling Headphones improve student exam results?

Posted by Lydia Balment on

Student strain from background noise

A lot of research has gone into understanding how background noise affects our concentration and ability to focus. Low-level noise has been shown to affect our capability for retaining information and can decrease our attention span while working. The demand to focus is especially crucial for students, who are expected to retain extreme amounts in a short space of time, so looking for a solution to help students is key.

Examining student focus during noisy periods

Research concerning background noise predominantly circulates around school children and adults in the workplace, neglecting the significance of student studies. This is surprising as the focus on students and young adults is critical because the young adult demographic lives in an in-between stage of life. Students’ brains are continuing to develop while the amount of information they are expected to retain is at a total high. The intense workload young adults are under is aggravated during exam time from distracting background noise such as traffic noise and general activity around them.

Student concentration is decreasing during exam season

Finding a quiet space to study in University or College can be surprisingly difficult, especially during exam season. With the levels of people going to University increasing, the quiet spaces to revise are being jeopardised and are becoming full. While Universities do have designated ‘quiet spaces’ this does not prevent background noises and busy chatter.

Studies show that continuing background noise ranging in volumes can disrupt a person’s ability to think clearly and retain information, therefore interrupting study periods and affecting the amount of information being retained. Oxford Academic Studies also show ambient noise can increase general stress levels; this can intensify stress-related conditions and cause migraines. All factors students want to avoid when preparing for final exams.

Solving student focus which is being affected by background noise

Experts have suggested that education institutions should do more to improve the classroom environment, as the increase of outer noise is affecting students’ learning and results. But, the chance of this happening is low due to the costs surrounding making drastic changes.

However, another way to increase focus ability is to wear Active Noise Cancelling Headphones which reduce the low-level distractions, making study breaks a lot easier. Cowin E7 headphones cancel up to 50% of the noise from the outside, working best on deep frequencies such as car noises. The noise-cancelling feature is enabled through Bluetooth, providing hassle free studying. The feature works best when listening to music; so students can choose a relaxing playlist and zone out the outside world, providing maximum attention to their work. Students can purchase their E7 Headphones here with this discount code: Student15 at Cowin Music for 15% on Headphones and any other Cowin product.

Will Active Noise Cancelling headphones be the new must have for students? With the ability to decrease the noise that is disrupting students studying, it may be the new device every student needs.