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Sick of your Bluetooth Cutting out? Here is your Solution

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How to Fix Bluetooth Stuttering and Enjoy your Bluetooth Devices Hassle Free

Bluetooth Stuttering

Bluetooth is technology that we all use and love in our day to day lives. We are always quick to jump at the chance to have devices that get rid of cords and work wirelessly.

This is why Cowin Music are pleased with the results of their best reviewed and best selling Bluetooth headphones. Their Active Noise Cancelling E7 Headphones have an amazing Bluetooth connection and remarkable head fi experience so you can enjoy your music wherever.

Bluetooth technology isn’t new and every technology has its shortcomings. Most of us would have experienced some form of issue with our Bluetooth connection. Whether your laptop, phone or other device isn’t connecting properly to your Bluetooth headphones and the audio playback starts to stutter - it is very frustrating.

We have all spent time trying to fiddle with our audio setting and we all expect a seamless connection and end up feeling unsatisfied when problems occur.

Why Am I Experiencing Problems?

There are a variety of reasons that can cause Bluetooth issues and stuttering. One of the main causes for this annoyance is a partial disconnection or interruption of the signal between the two devices. This can disrupt the connection between your smartphone and your Bluetooth headphones and therefore affect the user experience.

Some reasons for this issue can be changes to your smartphones operating systems. New or different computer software and updates to mobile apps can cause issues. Sometimes these updates cannot efficiently fix or trash bugs in your smartphone and this then leads to bluetooth problems occurring.

When you are have successfully paired two devices via Bluetooth the data is then easily transferred through this connection.

It is also important to note, when you are pairing your smartphone to Bluetooth headphones, you need to ensure both devices are in pairing mode as this can also cause issues for your connection.

Reliance on Bluetooth

There are quite a number of devices on today's market which depend heavily on Bluetooth. Most of us are looking for the best reviewed Bluetooth headphones, the best selling Bluetooth speakers or Bluetooth car systems and the market is huge.

There are so many culprits and notable issues on different devices but we have your solution.

Fixing Bluetooth Issues

One option you can try to fix your Bluetooth stuttering is to toggle the Bluetooth connection. If the Bluetooth connection won’t establish or if the connection fails then you can troubleshoot and toggle the connection to eliminate issues.

Simply, pull down the notification bar on your iPhone, Android or computer and look for where the Bluetooth icon is and turn bluetooth off. All you need to do is wait 10 seconds and then switch it on again and now check if your devices can pair. This can help create a better connection.

If this troubleshooting step does not work, the next step is to rule out problems related to the device you are connected to. You need to ensure the device is not the actual cause of the issue. An easy way to do this, is connecting to a different phone or laptop and see if the issue is still occurring. If the Bluetooth device is now working then you can confirm it was the previous device, if not then you may need to continue troubleshooting to fix your bluetooth problem and stuttering.

Reliable Restart

Another top tip to fixing Bluetooth problems is the ‘very popular’ restarting of your smartphone or computer. A common way to fix issues, a restart fixes simple errors and helps your device start afresh. A lot of us leave our laptops and smartphones on continuously and like everything they sometimes need a break.

Once your phone has restarted turn on Bluetooth again, making sure both devices are in pairing mode. This should resolve the issue and the connection should establish easily and be a strong Bluetooth connection which won’t stutter.

Issues When Connected to Your Mobile?

Mobile devices can experience Bluetooth stuttering the most when connected to a Bluetooth and wireless device especially car audio systems. A common fix to this can be to find the ‘clear cache’ section in the settings of your phone. These files can become corrupt over time due to changes to your phone's OS, preventing a strong Bluetooth connection.

When you remove these files the proper files can be recreated, allowing you to connect your phone with other devices via Bluetooth easily.

Best Wireless Headphone Connection

To ensure the optimum Bluetooth connection, make sure you have the most up to date operating system on your mobile or computer. Also, you must follow the headphones manual on connecting the two devices properly.

If a strong connection isn’t created then this is when issues such as stuttering and disconnecting can occur. Always make sure to check the manufacturer's website for the correct troubleshooting guides and ensure you have the latest version.

Best Reviewed Bluetooth Headphones

Making sure you are completing all the steps and troubleshooting advice is vital to a great Bluetooth connection and means you can enjoy your Bluetooth devices the right way.

Cowin Music believe Bluetooth technology can improve our day to day lives which is why they created exceptional Bluetooth and wireless headphones. Their best selling active noise cancelling headphones have the latest Bluetooth and wireless technology to ensure an amazing experience for all of their customers.

The best reviewed Cowin headphones have achieved great feedback from users and their Bluetooth function means you can enjoy your music on the go, whenever, wherever you want. The ANC headphones provide active noise cancellation and reduce ambient and background noise.

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