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Blog & Cowin Music Partnership

Posted by Lydia Balment on

10% OFF when you use this code GETACOWIN10

Cowin Music are excited to announce their new partnership with

Reassuring Headfi Experience

The team at Cowin Music believe everyone should be able to listen to music the right way & have a remarkable headfi experience. Our values are shared by the team at

Cowin Music value the importance of reassuring customers on the quality of their headphones and speakers. Trusted reviews are extremely important, none more than

New Audio Relationships

Cowin Music have recently partnered with, a relationship they are very excited about. Both companies strive to keep up to date in the technology world and are always eager to progress through new opportunities. are well known for amazing technology inspired reviews that provide honest opinions on a vast amount of products and even give viewers a buying guide to make the buying process easier.

Best Headphone Product

During their collaboration has written numerous reviews on Cowin Music and their products, including a special discount review on the Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. is sharing Cowin Music’s love of the E7 Headphones. Artful Haque is a reviewer who has experience in Software Engineering and is a Web Entrepreneur. He highlights that “Cowin E7 Headphone Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Over-ear Headphone is one of their best products.” He says “we reviewed Cowin E-7 in and visitors seem to like the review a lot.”


Cowin Music and GetAHeadphone are enthusiastic about what their future together holds and want their customers to share this excitement. They are offering customers an exclusive discount. When any customer uses this discount at the Cowin Checkout they will receive 10% off their items. All they need to do is enter this promotional code: GETACOWIN10 and enjoy the quality of Cowin products. 

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What is A2DP Bluetooth?

What is Bluetooth A2DP?It is an advanced Bluetooth Audio Distribution Profile that means you can wirelessly connect 2 separate devices for the transmission of stereo audio from a Bluetooth source, like a phone or MP3 Player to a Bluetooth receiver like one of our Bluetooth Speakers.WHAT

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Tunein Radio

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Spotify overview

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