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Are you using Bluetooth in a Secure Way?

Posted by Lydia Balment on

Minimise Your Bluetooth Vulnerability Now


This week Security Specialists Discover BlueBorne Attacks

Are you Secure?

Bluetooth allows us to connect two devices together enabling you to listen to music wirelessly and use hands-free devices when on the go, wherever you want. Bluetooth technology works by transferring data between two electronic devices, allowing the devices to connect without needing wires.

Wireless and Bluetooth can bring numerous positives to your day to day life. You can connect your ANC Wireless headphones with any device when travelling, working or having some downtime relaxing.

But, are you being safe when using bluetooth or aware of the high bluetooth security risks?

This week Security Specialists announced the discovery of new type of hackers, Bluetooth hackers, specifically called Blueborne, who are hacking anyone and everyone when they least expect it.

Anyone who uses bluetooth with their smartphone, anc wireless headphones and even bluetooth car systems needs to be aware of how to minimise bluetooth hacking risks.


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Bluetooth Security

Everyone knows you lock your doors when you leave the house or to find online anti-virus security systems for your laptop, so why do we not see same risks for our technology devices. We leave digital entrances open all the time and it is calculated risk we are not always aware we are making.

Understanding how to minimise your risk to bluetooth hacking will significantly reduce your exposure to real vulnerabilities. Bluetooth hackers are able to access all sorts of software, such as, Windows, Android and iOS. All of these software are at risk and have been tapped into by hackers through the use of bluetooth technology.

How Bluetooth Hacking Works

Whether your smartphone is connected to your anc wireless headphones or to your handsfree car system there are ways to stop bluetooth hacking. The most obvious, and also most simple, is turn your bluetooth off when you are not connected to a device.

David Durfour, Vice President of Engineering & Cybersecurity Webroot, explained to press that leaving bluetooth on after you have used it is a candy land for hackers. When you leave your bluetooth on, such as your smartphone or car system, the bluetooth connector is constantly looking for a device to connect with and this is what is perfect for hackers. They can use the bluetooth connection, to connect and transfer the data from your device to theirs. This could include personal information, banking details or contact information.

Now, we all use bluetooth everyday and most of our technology items need bluetooth to operate. You can keep using your bluetooth products in peace and still enjoy great bluetooth connection. You need to remember to disconnect properly or if you see anyone near you which you suspect then turn the connection off.

Research shows that quite a few of us just leave bluetooth mode on. While this firstly significantly drains battery life, you are in fact giving hackers a helping hand. Your device is permanently available for vulnerable activity and is able to connect to unknown devices.

BlueBorne Attacks

Specific bluetooth hackers, Blueborn, were discovered this week by security experts. Devices that have fallen victim include Samsung Galaxy phones, LG Sports Watch and Google Pixel, all by simple bluetooth connection. 

Google and Microsoft have already enforced security patches to reduce the risk further. So if your phone needs an update, you should go and download the newest update to ensure the best protection for your device.

Protection from Bluetooth Attacks

If you are concerned that the news of these attacks means you can’t listen to your wireless & bluetooth headphones or listen to your music in your car, then do not worry.

If you are connected to one of your devices, this means an unknown device cannot connect. So ensuring you disconnect promptly and properly is incredibly important. There are also other ways to ensure protection, such as android apps that will check your vulnerability to Blueborne attacks when you are not connected to one of your devices.

If you are an iphone user then you need to ensure the iOS software you are using is higher than iOS 9.3.5, with the recent iOS 11 update you should be very secure.

Enjoy Bluetooth Properly

So you can relax and follow the easy steps to ensure bluetooth protection and reduce the risk of bluetooth security problems. Following the simple steps means you can listen to any of your bluetooth devices and know you have minimised your risk to bluetooth hacking.

Listening to music with your anc headphones or connecting to your car can be done worry free and you can continue with your everyday life, knowing you do not need to worry about bluetooth hacking.

Anc headphones with bluetooth and wireless functions are a great way to enjoy music hassle free. They also provide amazing noise reduction and can significantly minimise ambient noise.

Best Bluetooth and Wireless Headphones

Cowin Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth & Wireless Headphones give you an amazing bluetooth connection and achieve a great head fi experience. Cowin Music’s best reviewed headphones reduce background noise with their incredible noise reducing features, you can reply on your Cowin anc headphones and enjoy music the right way.

Cowin Music love helping their customers and want to stress the importance of enjoying bluetooth devices securely and safely. You can use your bluetooth headphones safely by following the steps to minimise risks to Blueborn attacks and experience a safe bluetooth experience.

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